My Awesome Year In Grade 5

This year I had an awesome year, I had a lot of fun. I liked camp a lot. There was many activities like The Great Race, when we had to go around an island called Cheung Chao, it was so tiring. Cycling and Cheung Po Tsai cave was fun too!! We had a lot of field trips, like Art Jam, Science Museum and the Coastal-Defence Museum…. There was a lot of fun activities this year, I think t hat Grade 5 was my best school year so far!!

Ocean Life

Today, my class went to 2 presentations about ocean life!! Both of them were really interesting.

The first one was in the morning. There was an organization that came to our school called Project Kaisei. Project Kaisei’s mission is to clean up the North Pacific Gyre (mostly garbage) and let other people know that how many creatures live in the ocean. I learnt that our own garbage will effect us!! I will tell one example: There are toxic coming out of the factories right?? Yes. The toxic will stick on the plastic and some small fishes will eat it. Then, the big fishes will eat the small fishes and we eat the fish!! If you want more information, u can you can go to the website.

Here is the URL:

The second presentation was a documentary calledSharkwater. Has anyone watch it? The director of Sharkwater came to our school, he is called Rob Stewart. I live in Hong Kong and the people in our school is the first one to see it!! That movie will hit the cinema this weekend. I learnt a lot during the movie. The movie was about people killing the sharks. People cut the shark’s fin and throw the shark back into the sea, with blood all over… GROSS!! Anyway, they take the fin and sell it to the chinese restaurants, then they make shark fin soup.  This movie inspired me a lot. Please stop eating shark fin soup and SAVE THE SHARKS. Everyone thinks thinks that sharks are scary but they rarely bite!! Soda pop machines kill more people than sharks!!

If  you want more information, here is the URL:

Class Blog Award-My School

I have 2 favorite blogs from my school…

One of them is MY class’s blog

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The next one is the EAGLE’S blog, they are the class beside us.

The URL is:

Both of them has a lot of interesting pictures and posts.